It's your turn to speak

Tell the whole world what the Oratory represents to you!


I have been going since I was a little baby and I still go up to today. This church represents so much to me, a few reasons because it is the biggest and most beautiful church I have ever seen. Another reason is I didn’t meet my grandmother, she died two years before I was born and every time I go, I go light a candle for her.

Robert Dutton

You have to trust these places that are, in my opinion, landmarks for people who are looking for meaning in their lives.

Soeur Angèle

It’s a sanctuary, it will always be alive. Go to the Oratory where the door is wide open. I hope that the Oratory will always keep its flame, its love, and that it remains the rendezvous of all nations and all religions. But what’s truly important is love.

Raymond Bachand

You know, we do not often get the chance to help build a monument such as this one. A monument that will be here long after we’re not.


When I receive guests, I bring them to the Oratory. It is a place of worship. I greatly respect the places and religious figures. When I come, I think a lot about Saint Joseph and Saint Brother André and what they did. Everything is beautiful here. Whenever I come, I always go to see the garden.

Janneke Hall

I had never come here before. I particularly liked the garden because I visited a similar path in Australia. These are the Stations of the Cross, which bypass a hill where I live. Being in nature in this kind of place has always had a special meaning for me, even though I am not Catholic. Being here appeases me.

Robin and Sue Ann Hardy

The view from here is amazing. We were particularly touched by the gardens. The Way of the Cross was memorable. We had never heard of this place before today. We were just looking for a place to picnic. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered the Oratory.

Koko N’Adigué Catherine Dorothée Lucie

This is my first time here. My son brought me here knowing that I pray a lot. He wanted to immortalize the moment. To be here is something unforgettable because without God, we are nothing. Seeing Saint-Joseph’s Oratory is truly indescribable.

Nataly Rodriguez

The Oratory represents a part of my childhood. I came here every time I’ve visited Montreal for the last 13 years. I always take a picture at the same place; in the garden with the Canadian flag in the background. The Oratory is my favorite place in Montreal.

Julie Camilleri

Although I particularly like the Crypt Church, I think that everything in the Oratory is splendid. It is a beautiful and serene place. I feel blessed. Walking inside, I feel the blessing of Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

Marie Isabel Blain

When I got sick, a few months after starting to work at the Oratory, this majestic place and the employees, who are like a family to me, gave me the strength and courage to fight every day! I was operated last June and my health is better, but I know that if ever a relapse occurred, the Oratory would be my haven of peace and light, where it feels like I am with my family every day.